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To deliver the shipment safe and secure, all the goods require special care during the process of packing and transportation. At LOM Logistics India, we do not process any shipment without undergoing the fumigation process. The goods can be affected by vermin, which can cause infection during the mobility of cargo goods. This process is essential because this infection through vermin on goods made up of wood and cloth can cause detrimental effects to the consumers.

Our clients might not be aware of this process, but to deliver quality goods and services, LOM Logistics undertakes this process very seriously. There are different techniques of conducting a fumigation process; some that are common are

1) Empty Container Fumigation,
2) Antifungal Treatment,
3) Vessel Fumigation,
4) Heat Treatment,
5) Vessel Treatment and much more.

Depending on the nature of the product and its shelf life, the right technique is applied to carry out the fumigation process.

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