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Customs clearance

Trusted & verified customs service providers & CHAs who can help you clear your shipment at origin and destination.


Comply with local rules and customs procedures

Each country is unique with its customs clearance procedures.

Leave it to our experts to comply with all the rules,

so your shipment is never held back.


Our team of experts

In India customs clearance can be a huge issue since it is a developing country. At Lom we take care of all those things for you and ensure that your cargo reaches the destination in the fastest time possible. We have a team of seasoned experts who have a been working in this field for decades and have faced all the problems one could possibly face, so we can create a quick solution to any problem during the transit of your cargo. 

Let the experts guide you

Each one of our experts has years of experience dealing with customs clearance. So your shipments are unlikely to be delayed by inaccuracies in document requirements and submissions.

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