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To deliver shipment internationally, LOM Logistics India caters to every industry and assures them a quality service. Be it Automotive industry, Healthcare industry, Chemical industry or Industrial industry, we provide logistics handling solutions to plan, execute, transport and deliver the shipment, internationally. We take a brief understanding of the industry background; inspect the variety of good, shelf life of the shipment and the delivery time. LOM assures quality services and provides cost-effective solutions for every industry type.


The automotive industry is a complex production driven industry. The demand and supply of the product variants and their availability play an essential role. The delivery of the product lays the success rate in the market. At LOM, we customize plans based on the product and try to deliver it on time. Basis the product and the client’s requirement, we prepare a plan focusing on the logistic and transportations solutions that help in delivering the product variant on time.


At LOM, we also emphasize on few things such as:
• To reduce costs
• To streamline processes
• To make a crucial difference to the quality of the supply chain

We work closely with many top automotive manufacturers and suppliers. They all benefit from customized solutions that meet their exact requirements. Different modes of transport and contract logistics services are combined to form the ideal logistics package for every supply chain.


Keeping in mind the urgency and priority of delivering healthcare products, LOM has been one of the logistic companies to earn goodwill. AT LOM, we are known to deliver healthcare goods on time. We take up the responsibility to provide our clients with optimal solutions for their healthcare goods. Healthcare industry is one industry where we have to be very keen on delivering the goods safely, securely and on time – worldwide. We have built a reliable association by tying up with various healthcare sectors such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies providing innovative and integrated solutions. Our customized Healthcare logistics solutions are designed in such a way to improve the current complex cross borders distribution and in-country distribution to address specific Pharma industry challenges or concerns.

chemicals & Aromatics

Chemical and fertilizer products are sensitive goods in the logistics industry. Considering these products have a limited shelf life, LOM takes full responsibility to deliver the goods safely and on time to protect the shelf life. Understanding the product type and also having experience in this industry, LOM provides specific logistics solutions to satisfy the client’s requirement and deliver the goods safely, around the globe. When transporting hazardous materials, we ensure to provide comprehensive safety and emergency management. Our proficient team works to develop integrated, multimodal transportation concepts for this industry. The goal develops customized supply chain solution to meet the client’s requirement. There are distinct security standards for chemical, oil and fertilizer products. The goods should conform to these measures at all times.

industrial manufacturing

LOM provide services for various industries such as:
1. Timber,
2. Pulp and Paper,
3. Agricultural goods, and
4. Engineering industry

Our portfolio includes logistics services for all industry types from whole machinery goods to components and spare parts for manufacturers, from agricultural & farming equipment to machine tools, and much more. We hold expertise in different verticals, markets, and industry sectors. Our motive is to develop reliable and efficient logistics solutions by developing simple, stable and safe processes to achieve customer goals.

Textiles and garments

At LOM we provide import and export services for textiles and garments. We know the special care needed for these materials and we do everything required to make sure the goods will reach the destination safely. 

We provide import and export services for textile raw materials and finished garments. 

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