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LOM sources the right space for your business needs. We help our clients to control their inventory and maximize the distribution potential. We also assure safe delivery of your shipment with secure storage facilities at all key destinations in the world. The beneficial factors of our warehouses are they are easily accessible in major cities, airports, and seaports around the world. Based on your requirement we can choose a preferred location and type of warehouse. Our warehouses are easily accessible with huge storage space and complete security. These are a few factors a client considers before confirming the shipment. This is an essential thing because we have observed many customers choose to unload their shipment in our warehouse to process and distribute orders instantly. This saves a lot of costs and also saves time. On our client’s requirement, we also store the shipment in our warehouses with complete monitoring until the client wants us to dispatch. We also provide an extensive warehousing and distribution service. From picking to distributing of consignments, we undertake this service to be delivered to any region with efficient transportation. We are well positioned to provide you with logistic delivery across the world with additional services like – Warehousing, Domestic Transport, Personalized Express services and specialized packaging services

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